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Advanced Waste Pyrolysis Systems

Design Deployment & Operations | Complete Waste-to-Energy Engineering and Solutions

EnRevo Pyro is dedicated to utilizing waste feed stocks of virtually any size shape or source to both clean up the environment and to generate energy in an economically viable, locally accessible, sustainable and environmentally sound way by innovating and delivering the most innovative and cost-effective solutions.

EnRevo Pyro designs, installs and operates waste-to-energy systems using the company’s advanced pyrolysis-based waste-conversion and related processing technologies. We customize and tailor our solutions for diverse municipal, agricultural, commercial, institutional and industrial applications.

Our technical team is comprised of some of the world’s most experienced and accomplished experts in the utilization of chamber-based thermo-chemical production processes to create or enable renewable energy solutions. Members of this technical team are veterans in the design, implementation and improvement of waste pyrolysis systems and are pioneers in the research, development, and commercialization of fuel extraction/processing and power generation optimization techniques.

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